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    저는 2011년 부터 조그만 교육 공동체를 시작해 봤어요. 첫해 4명으로 시작한 주말 학교, Bridge International Christian Academy (www.bica-tx.org)는  10여년이 흐르면서 30여명의 학생들이 모이는 곳으로 자라났습니다. 2012년에는 미 정부로 부터 301 5(C) Non profit으로 인가도 받았고요.   4학년 이었던 꼬마가  대학생이 되었고 제게 추천서를 의뢰를 했어요. 중학교 8학년까지 우리 학교를 다니고, 고등학교 대학생때 이르러서도 자원봉사 칼리쥐 인턴도 하고 그렇게 잘 자란 아이가 성인으로 자신의 갈길을 개척하고 한걸음 한걸음 준비하는게 너무 예쁩니다. 

    아래는 그 학생을 위해서 어제 쓴 추천서를 아이 허락 받아, 개인정보 지우고 올려봅니다. 

    Bridge International
    Christian Academy




    To the Director of the _______ ______ _______________ Program,


    I am pleased to recommend ****** as a candidate for the________________________________at the Universtity of __________.   I am the Director of Bridge International Christian Academy (BICA), a 501c(3) nonprofit  learning center for  Korean American Students, based in Round Rock, Texas. ****** worked as a volunteer and a paid-intern at BICA for the last four years. She led and assisted various learning activities such as presiding a concert at a local senior center, leading a bible study, and making daily video instructions during the summer.

    ******is a culturally literate teacher. She knows both American and Korean cultures and understands the difficulties immigrant families face in the US. It seems partly due to her own experience of growing up in an immigrant family as well as her personality that loves connecting with people from different backgrounds. When Ashley assisted BICA’s summer camp in 2020, she was definitely a role model for our Asian American children. She reinforced the children’s confidence and proactive attitudes while orchestrating small group discussions for the bible study.

    Furthermore, ****** is an exceptional problem solver.  For the last several years, ****** showed admirable time management skills and was always prepared for her classes.  Last summer, when BICA started on-line classes due to the pandemic, she took charge of the first opening. She was very punctual, always present ten to fifteen minutes before the class and spent the time to talk with the children to warm up the meeting. This is only one example of the ways she goes the extra mile. She prepared a lesson clearly and effectively, making creative discussion questions beyond my instructions. I would also like to mention that she is good at dealing with all kinds of on-line commutation.

    In addition to being a great problem solver, ****** is a considerate leader. When I need a college intern for the school program, she is the first one I want to consider. BICA students love her and want to be around her. She makes the atmosphere bright and warm, is a natural encourager, and reinforces the children’s confidence. She has the openness and eagerness to learn new things. BICA teachers and parents praise her highly--they often tell me that she is amazingly polite and considerate at the same time. Last summer, she asked me if BICA could hire another college intern, recommending her friend, and told me that she would love to split her payment with her friend. I did not accept her suggestion, but it showed me how she wants to share even a small opportunity with the people around her.

    I believe that ****** is going to be an asset to your program. I understand she wants to pursue the medical profession because she wants to serve and help people make the best decisions about their health, especially in underserved populations. She is dedicated to helping others and has been actively involved in many volunteering opportunities both within and out of healthcare. Finally, when you meet ****** you will remember her.  She is a bright young woman with a warm smile that makes you feel welcomed! Please feel free to contact me (yeonjairah@_________ or 512-xxx-xxxx) if you require any additional information.


    Yeonjai Rah, Ph.D.
    Executive Director

    copyright@2021 by Yeonjai Rah

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